Bristol Yarnworks Studio ~ Grand Junction, Colorado

Fiber artist, Teri D. Inman, has been creating hand-woven designs for more than 48 years. Distinctive style, quality and complex color blends are the hallmarks of her work, which has evolved through the years. Teri specializes in cashmere, silk, fine wools, natural cottons, bamboo and tencel, often incorporating the process of arashi shibori into the fabrics for her designer originals. Wool from her Navajo Churro sheep is hand-spun and hand-dyed for rugs, wall hangings and tapestries.
Teri's fiber art is available exclusively through her studio, select galleries, and events. Visit the Studios at Bristol on the "Silver Thread Scenic Byway" in southern Colorado to view and purchase Teri's Designer Originals and fabulous Goat Milk Soap.  Artemisia in Taos, NM now also features Teri's garments. Visit Teri at her select Events to learn more about her process and purchase directly from the artist!

feature designsFeaturing Designer Originals by Teri Inman

Designer Originals: Elegant, Classic, Sensual Luxury

Sensual fabric, flowing with color, is created as luxurious fibers interlace in intricate weave structures. Designer Originals include a variety of elegant styles in a medley of complex color blends.  Presented here are examples of the styles and colors available.  Teri's Designer Originals are constantly evolving and are presented at Shows, Events and Studios.