About Teri Inman & Bristol Yarnworks Studio

Teri D Inman FiberArtistFiber Artist, Teri D. Inman, has been creating handwoven and hand-dyed designs for more than 48 years. Complex color blends, distinctive style and quality are the hallmarks of her work. Teri specializes in cashmere, silk, and fine wools, often incorporating the process of arashi shibori into the fabrics for her Designer Originals.

Cashmere from the Bristol Yarnworks goat herd was collected by hand combing in January and then was sent to a mill for processing into roving or yarn. Teri hand-spins the roving as 100% cashmere yarn, or blends it with other exotic and luxury fibers preparing it to be hand-spun for weft yarns to be handwoven with silk warps for Limited Edition garments and accessories. The mill processed yarns are interlaced with silk to create white fabrics which are later hand-painted and processed with arashi shibori, or used in their natural grays and browns on natural or painted silk warps.

Teri processes the wool from the Bristol Yarnworks Navajo Churro sheep after shearing, by washing, carding, hand-dyeing and hand-spinning this prized fiber for rugs, wall hangings and tapestries.

Teri is passionate about the process of creating her Designer Originals. The process includes hand-combing fiber, carding, spinning, dyeing, weaving, knitting, sewing and marketing. Teri particularly enjoys talking with customers and sharing with them the steps of her process. Visit Teri at the selected Events where she exhibits and sells her Designer Originals.  Her work is also available for sale at The Studios At Bristol in Creede, Colorado and Artemisia in Taos, New Mexico.

Teri-D-Inman-fiber-artistTeri Inman, Fiber Artist

The colors that I formulate to dye fibers, yarns, and fabrics are inspired by the landscape that surrounds me daily in our mountain home, as well as the outstanding forms and colors encountered during travels in our beautiful United States and abroad. Dyeing becomes a process where creativity flows freely as I hand paint yarns or transform fabric colors into intricate designs with my own variation of arashi shibori.
I find great joy in the process of weaving the luxurious textures of cashmere and silk, fine wool, or Tencel, linen, cotton, bamboo, and rayon into a sensual flow of fabric, which I then fashioned into distinctively styled garments and accessories.
Teri D. Inman~
Fiber Artist

Artist's Statement

Using my imagination and creating with my hands have been a life-long passion. For more than 48 years I have immersed myself in the fiber arts and have developed a successful business marketing my hand-woven designs. Complex colors and simple but elegant designs are the foundation of this success.

Awards, Exhibitions & Publication

Golden Fine Arts Festival

2010: 2nd Place - Fiber Arts
2008: 1st Place – Fiber Arts
2007: 2nd Place – Fiber Arts

Selected Awards: Taos Wool Festival


2018:  Reserve Grand Champion Garment/1st Place Woven Garment - Arashi Shibori Suri Llama/Handspun BFL Poncho
2013:  Grand Champion Woven Garment/Silver Medallion - Arashi Shibori Handspun Colorado Wool/Cashmere Poncho
2008: 1st Place – Greystone Cashmere/Silk Wrap
1st Place – Winter Alpine Glow Cashmere/Silk Vesket
2005: Grand Champion Garment/Silver Medallion – Arashi Shibori Cashmere/Silk Vest
1st Place – Arashi Shibori Cashmere/Silk Jacket
1st Place – Arashi Shibori Cashmere/Silk Poncho
1st Place – Arashi Shibori Cashmere/Silk Origami Tunic
2004: Reserve Grand Champion Garment – Hand-knitted Rambouillet Sweater
1st Place – Hand-dyed Rambouillet/Mohair Tunic
2003: Grand Champion Garment/Silver Medallion – Cashmere/Silk Jacket
1st Place – Rambouillet/Mohair Tunic
1st Place – Cashmere/Silk Vest
2002: Grand Champion Garment/Silver Medallion – Cashmere/Silk Vest
1st Place – Handspun Cashmere/Silk Jacket
1st Place – Cashmere/Cormo Tunic
2001: Grand Champion Garment/Silver Medallion – Cashmere/Silk Jacket
1st Place – Cashmere/Silk Tunic
2000: 1st Place – Cormo Tunic
1998: 1st Place – Cashmere Fleece

Selected Juried Exhibitions

2019:  Artwear Fashion Week and Show, presented by Gary Hixon and Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, CO

2011: Artwear Fashion Week and Show, presented by Gary Hixon and Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, CO

2008: Artwear Fashion Show, presented by Gary Hixon and Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, CO

2007: Translations Gallery, Denver, CO – Off The Wall: A show of innovative three dimensional fiber and textile creations by Surface Design Association members in the Southwest Region.
2006: Rio Grande County Museum – Weavers of the Valley
The Art & Cultural Center/Adams State College – Weavers of the Valley
2005: Lake City Arts Council – Fiber Celebration
2004: Handweavers Guild of America – Convergence 2004 Fashion Show and Exhibit
Adams State College – Handweavers of the San Luis Valley
Handweavers Guild of Pueblo – Art from the Loom
2003: Creede Repertory Theater – Lobby Art Show
2002: Creede Repertory Theater – Lobby Art Show


2006: The Process of Playing with Block Twill, by Teri D. Inman. Shuttle, Spindle, and Dyepot.
Pg. 42-45. VOLUME XXXVII, NO 3, ISSUE 147, Summer 2006.
Handweavers Guild of America.

Creede's Artistic Treasurers, by David Basler.
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2013: Woven to Wear, by Marilyn Murphy. Contributing designer, Teri Inman
Shibori effects in cloth.